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Michelle Burke 

Best Selling Author, Podcaster, Speaker and Hot Mess Alchemist. 
On a mission to help women reclaim their power, regain their confidence and transform their life. 

Hot Mess Magic


Are you ready to Discover the Magic in your mess?

Grab my book Hot Mess Magic and start discovering the magic in your mess.

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Hi, I'm Michelle. 


I keep it real, raw and honest. I'm equal parts science and spirituality, I mean I am a former science teacher.  I'm a wine drinking, dressing room selfie taking, nature loving, self-mastery junkie, Kundalini yogi who also happens to be a wealth of wisdom, book writer,  energy worker extraordinaire, ascension guide and CEVC (Chief Executive Visionary Creative).

Just like you, I'm not one thing. I'm ALWAYS growing, expanding and ascending so I help you do the same thing!


You see... I have a way of cracking people open like Humpty-Dumpty but unlike all the kings horses and all the kings men, I guide you in put yourself back together again. Let me tell you, I get pure joy being a part of someone's transformational journey. Witnessing their growth, and breakthroughs while guiding them on this journey lights me up like the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree! 

Michelle A Burke
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what they're saying 


"Working with Michelle is like working with your fairy godmother. Her amazing energy, ideas, insight, connection and engagement with her clients  will have you feeling inspired, supported and understood"

GLENDA M.  Intuitive Medium | Toronto, Canada

My work opens people up emotionally & spiritually.  Curious??

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