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 Nothing like having you phone overheat during a podcast interview! Technical issues aside, Thea and I had a great chat as I a ton of magnificent words of wisdoms were shared as I explain through my own journey how I realized we’re all the experts of our lives.

Kelly and I had so much fun doing this interview! I share my journey of quitting my teaching job, moving and starting a business all at once! Listen as we talk about empowering and inspiring others and “discover the magic in your mess”.

During this interview Bridget and I talk about how finding work life balance is especially hard when dealing with stress and anxiety. I offer up some great tips to help all of us during this quarantine and lockdown period. 

Print Media 


Forgiving yourself isn't always easy,  yet it is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself on your healing journey. In this issue of Lightworker Advocate I share about the Healing Power of Self-Forgiveness.

Read it now. 


Be inspired to play on the playground of possibilities with my interview for Inspired to Inspire. 



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