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hot mess magic

Hot Mess Magic: Discover the Magic In Your Mess 


What if you could...

Wake up every day without putting on a facade?

View your struggles with grace and gratitude?

Be free from shame, judgement and regret for your past?

You can—and bestselling author Michelle Burke will show how in this book. No matter what you've been through in life, there is magic in your mess and this book is going to show you  how to discover the magic in your mess

Get Your Copy of Hot Mess Magic 

hot mess magic

Are you ready to discover the magic in your mess?


Let's face it each and everyone of us is a hot mess! You, me, your mom, your great aunt Sally, we've all been on the hot mess express and some of us are still on it.


Life is messy. It’s also magical and this is what Michelle shares in Hot Mess Magic.  As she gets real and raw sharing her own hot messes, the magic she discovered from them and how she navigated through it all. 


You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll relate. You’ll learn you’re not alone or going crazy. You”ll be reminded how no one has it all it all together and most importantly HOW we get ourselves into these messes.


What People are Saying About Hot Mess Magic and Michelle... 

"Honest, blunt, raw and real, Michelle bears it all and shows us there can be magic in our messes. I highly recommend this read! "
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Grab Your E-Journal

Journaling is a huge part in discovering the magic in your mess. With all the journaling prompts I give you in the book, I knew I had to create a journal to go with the book.

Download your free e-journal and be the first to know when the physical journal is available. As a bonus you'll also receive a journaling prompt from me throughout the month! 

hot mess alchemist

About Michelle 

Michelle Burke is a former middle school science teacher, who realized teaching to the test was crushing her soul. The free-spirit within her felt caged and the visionary needed to be set free. Michelle left education to follow not only her passions but her soul. In the process she has embodied her free spirited nature while guiding others on their journey. 


Michelle is a rebel WITH a cause, on a mission to liberate people from their limitations and awaken them their dreams.  Michelle lives by the mantra “discover the magic in your mess”.  She not only lives by this mantra, she also teaches it. As she uses her own life to show how we all have struggles, we all hit rock bottom. Yet, when we can see past the problem, past the pain, we begin to awaken. We see the truth. We see the simplicity. We see something bigger than ourselves. And THIS, this where the magic, beauty and clarity lies.

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