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Educating is my art! Since the of 5 years old, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew-up, I’d tell you a teacher. When I ventured into the classroom though, I quickly learned the traditional classroom wasn’t for me. Teaching to the test was crushing my soul, the bureaucratic bs was too deep for me and the pressure some parents place on their kids had me biting my tongue for fear of losing my job. 

I left the formal classroom to dive deeper into my spiritual journey and abilities only to realize what truly lights me is sharing my wisdom with world and guiding someone through their  transformational journey. 

So I turned to a more untraditional classroom. 

Welcome to my classroom, let's start with my podcast. 

Coming Soon! 

The Hot Mess Magic Show -FB.png

Check out my book!

In Hot Mess Magic, I share my shit. We dive into my messes, how I got into them, what I learned and how I discovered the magic in the mess, while teaching you how to do the same.  

Hot Mess Magic

I make being you easy!

One of my biggest missions is  to bring people to a point where they are no longer being held back, but actually awake and knowing their truth.  I bring wisdom to those who feel stuck in their world. I release them, move them into a new way of being and when they feel like their falling I'm the net which bounces them up and way beyond what they ever thought was possible.

I’ve been giving people advice and providing them with guidance since I was kid. From hearing my brother go “Shelllllll” in that cry for help voice to being the ear for friends and then my students I’ve always been the person people have come to for advice.  As I stepped more and more into this gift, I discovered the many ways in which I help people. 

Now I want to share those gifts with you and teach you how to be unapologetically you. 


Let me help you start living a magnificent life!

I’ve had the privilege of being interview for many podcasts and featured in magazines. I love sharing my wisdom with world and providing  a different perceptive on life. I believe there is magic in the mess, beauty in the broken and clarity in the chaos and when we can see this, we can totally shift the way we view any situation in life. 

Listen NOW

I’m proud to be a rebel WITH a cause!

Michelle A. Burke

Never feel alone! 

When I was going through some the the lowest points in my life,  I felt so much guilt, shame and quite frankly lonely. I longed to talk to someone, yet feared they would judge and criticize me or worse talk about me behind my back. I knew other people must be feeling the same thing - so I created a free safe and sacred space for you share what you’re going through without judgement so you can rise! It’s called Alchemy & Ascension. 


Alchemy & Ascension is my gift to you to never feel lonely again and a way for me to stay connected to my community and help you expand and grow. 

More about who I am + what I do!

While educating is my art, nature is my temple. I love being outdoors. The beach feeds my soul while the mountains and trees nurture my body, which is why you’ll see me doing walk and talks while out in nature as its where I get my stuff.  While I love my wine, I’ll take a day on the water or in the woods over a bar any day of the week. 

And healing… healing is my medicine. Energy work,  frequencies, and self-mastery  are not only a big part of my healing journey they also play a large role in the work that I do. I have witnessed the power of them first hand and have the ability to move energy in a very unique way. 

In my Alchemy & Ascension group, I love doing pop-up session, whether it be providing guidance, shifting some energy or dropping a meditation or journal prompt. I’m here to lead and serve and this is one of the many ways which brings me joy. 


Let’s stay connected!

I want to support you every step of the way on your journey of personal and spiritual growth!


Let’s start with journaling. Here’s how I can help: I have an e-journal that will get you writing and once a month I will send you a journal prompt.

Download Now!

I’m so psyched you were led  here.  I hope my podcast, book, card deck,  meditations and other resources help you step into your magnificence.

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