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Paula P

Michelle has brought me closer to God by showing me how to have more faith than any religion every has.

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Smiling Girl

"Michelle has brought me closer to God by showing me how to have more faith than any religion every has. She taught me how to trust my gut. In our few sessions and her undying commitment to each of her pupils she doesn’t stop at telling you what she sees. She is constantly helping and giving. My favorite thing about her modality is that she’s so positive and always shares what she sees with love and light."

Stephanie W

Michelle works MAGIC in your life instantly!

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"Michelle works MAGIC in your life instantly! She's very thorough and powerful. You can tell how deeply connected she is. She'll tell you how it is, which is refreshing!  I just adore all the work we have done together. So many shifts and goodness. My life is forever changed! 

Tonia R

Michelle KNOWS what she is doing!

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Typing on Computer

Michelle KNOWS what she is doing! Once my session was over, there were certain energies of fear I couldn't access anymore. They were completely gone! I know I felt them in the past, I know they used to be there, but now they are gone!

Suzanne G

Michelle is AMAZING! 

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Michelle is amazing, straight to the point and offers a number of answers, which I was looking for.

ONE Facebook chat conversation with Michelle turned one of the worst days I'd had in a while to landing a copywriting client. Her energy will change yours ~ Stephanie D

Michelle is VERY powerful!


I felt as though she completely understood my unique challenges & offered insightful & specific solutions. And, there were so many synchronicities on the call that I couldn't help but FEEL that the Universe was speaking THROUGH her.


I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for intuitive guidance, following your purpose & help overcoming limiting beliefs. ~ Genevieve B

Jen W

Your mind will be blown!

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It resonated 100%!! Your mind will be blown!! Michelle is an amazing intuitive! She can help you with anything! I loved that Michelle works intuitively and our session was fun and exciting!"

Nicole A


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Transformational! I feel safe when Michelle works with my energy and it helps me make an immediate shift in my mindset too. I feel lighter and find clarity quickly after our sessions

Carrie S

Hop on a call with Michelle!

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Hammock Relaxing

Hop on a call with Michelle! She is incredibly clear, powerful and helped me with where I am presently. She clearly identified next steps, guidance around such and validation! Such beautiful, heartfelt messages! Thanks for ALL you do Michelle and shine on as stars shine brightly

Glenda M

I have so much love and gratitude for Michelle and her gifts

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I have so much love and gratitude for Michelle and her gifts. I know she was brought into my life to help change my story. And wow did she ever! I can't thank her enough for all that she has given me. I can actually say I love myself and where my life is headed.

Michelle has such a powerful gift! I am speechless!!


I had the opportunity to have a session with her and it was beyond magical!! Michelle was able to make me feel comfortable and at ease right away. Everything she said made sooo much sense and every message she gave me was straight to the point.


Thank you so much Michelle for everything! ~ Eka MB

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