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Red Paint

Work with Michelle


I'm all about taking the chaos of life and transforming it into something magical. With me, you'll learn to embrace the mess, celebrate the f^ck ups, and transform overwhelm into opportunity.


So ditch the self-help gurus and their unrealistic expectations.


I'll show you how to laugh through the mishaps and turn your glorious hot mess into your own personal alchemy.

Where it all starts

This quick questionnaire is your chance to spill the tea (and maybe some red wine) on what you really need (and secretly crave) for your life, your business, and your inner rockstar. So ditch the pressure of perfection for a few minutes, grab your favorite beverage (wine not included... but encouraged!), and let's unlock the magic within that beautiful mess you call you!

The BS-Busting Breakthrough Call

Tired of self-help gurus who just pat you on the head and tell you everything's sunshine and rainbows?


Buckle up, buttercup, because this 1:1 call is about getting real, raw, and ready to face your glorious mess!

We'll dive deep into your life: the good, the bad, and the oh-so-avoidant pile in the corner. Think of it as a therapy session meets a pep rally meets a divine intervention – with a healthy dose of tough love (because sometimes you gotta hear it straight!).

This ain't your mama's motivational call. This is for those who want to be challenged, supported, and leave feeling like they can conquer anything.


So, if you're ready to be called out on your BS (with a whole lotta love!), this is your chance to take the wheel and drive your journey forward. Let's go!

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ONE Facebook chat conversation with Michelle turned one of the worst days I'd had in a while to landing a copywriting client. Her energy will change yours ~ Stephanie D

Hot Mess Hotline

Life throwing lemons your way? Feeling more "dumpster fire" than "dream life"? The Hot Mess Hotline is your magic potion in your pocket – a month of unlimited Voxer support with the Hot Mess Alchemist herself!

This ain't your average therapy session (although laughter is our best medicine!). For one month, you'll have the Hot Mess Alchemist in your pocket, ready to dispense wisdom, encouragement, and the occasional reality check (delivered with love, of course). Think of it as a magic lamp with a sassy genie who specializes in transforming hot messes into glorious butterflies (or at least slightly less messy humans). 

So ditch the struggle bus and hop on the Hot Mess Hotline. It's your month to:

Conquer your chaos: We'll tackle your to-do list, untangle emotional knots, and turn overwhelm into "OMG I got this!" moments.

Channel your inner alchemist: Transform your stress into gold (or at least a killer karaoke performance).

Become your own best friend: Learn to love the glorious mess that is you and unleash your inner badass.

Ready to turn your hot mess into magic?

Hot Mess Makeover

This ain't your grandma's stuffy mentorship. We ditch the judgment and embrace the beautiful chaos that is you. Think of it as having your own personal fairy godmother (with a wicked sense of humor) who specializes in transforming hot messes into unstoppable forces of nature.

Get ready to:

  • Unleash your inner badass and conquer your dreams.

  • Develop the confidence to rock your authentic self (even if that self involves mismatched socks and a questionable singing voice).

  • Build a life that's as vibrant, unique, and fabulous as you are.

This is your invitation to embrace the mess, unlock your potential, and become the hottest mess you can be!

Michelle always has amazing and relevant insight into what I am going through. Every time I talk to her I feel empowered and excited to move forward.

She always gives me a new way to think about a problem or helps me dig deeper into a creative idea I might need to work on. ~ Melinda S.

Michelle clears all of the blocks that have been holding you back to make your dreams a reality.

Michelle is kind, patient, caring and loving and her passion for her craft shines through when you talk to her.

This is powerful stuff and I can't say enough amazing things about Michelle ~ Claudia T

"Michelle works MAGIC in your life instantly! She's very thorough and powerful. You can tell how deeply connected she is. She'll tell you how it is, which is refreshing! 

I just adore all the work we have done together. So many shifts and goodness. My life is forever changed! ~ Stephanie P

"Michelle has brought me closer to God by showing me how to have more faith than any religion ever has. She taught me how to trust my gut.

In our few sessions and her undying commitment to each of her pupils she doesn’t stop at telling you what she sees. She is constantly helping and giving.

My favorite thing about her modality is that she’s so positive and always shares what she sees with love and light." Paula Patel

Michelle is VERY powerful!


I felt as though she completely understood my unique challenges & offered insightful & specific solutions. And, there were so many synchronicities on the call that I couldn't help but FEEL that the Universe was speaking THROUGH her.


I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for intuitive guidance, following your purpose & help overcoming limiting beliefs. ~ Genevieve B

‘Michelle is AMAZING!

She has a knack for getting to the root of your issue and helps to set a course to work through it.’  ~ Claudean R.,  Reiki Master

Michelle KNOWS what she is doing!

Once my session was over, there were certain energies of fear I couldn't access anymore.

They were completely gone!

I know I felt them in the past, I know they used to be there, but now they are gone! - Toni R

It resonated 100%!!

Your mind will be blown!! Michelle is amazingly intuitive!

She can help you with anything! - Jen W

I had the opportunity to work with Michelle and it was beyond magical!!

Michelle was able to make me feel comfortable and at ease right away. Everything she said made sooo much sense and was straight to the point.


Thank you so much Michelle for everything! ~ Eka MB

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