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There comes a time when we have to ask ourselves,

what is it truly standing in our way?


Because we have come this far being unconscious

for most of our lives. And yet now we see the world

is showing us there must be a better way.


The way exists within you.

Not only do you carry this Magnificence within you

but you also are the key that will save, heal and

forever change our world.


Each one of us has this Power.

And we matter to the whole.

Your life was created for Magnificence,

you get to choose how you want to continue now.


Magnificence lives within you,

let me help you draw it out.

"Michelle works MAGIC in your life instantly! She's very thorough and powerful. You can tell how deeply connected she is. She'll tell you how it is, which is refreshing!  I just adore all the work we have done together. So many shifts and goodness. My life is forever changed! ~ Stephanie W. , Massage Therapist


For 1:1 transformational guidance and VIP Days please contact me directly. 


Join me in one of three magical places for the Discover the Magic in Your Mess Retreat.


Each retreat will have experiences exclusive to its location. 

Exact dates to TBA

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Everyone loves a good freebie. I've got two here for you...


The first being one of my favorite meditations Surrender to the Sea. If your struggling with letting go this is the perfect meditation for you. 

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