For years, I was existing, not living.


Going through the day to day motions of life, and not being present or aware of who I was being, let alone becoming.


I was drinking way too much.

I was going out just so I won’t be alone with my thoughts.

I was being a people pleaser, simply because I didn’t know how to say no.

I was forcing myself to get out of bed to go to work.


On the outside, my life looked amazing.

On the inside, my soul was dying.


My soul WAS NOT going to die a slow death though, it fought back!


I got a text message from a friend about a yoga class she went to which has forever changed my life.


I stood there perplexed yet something inside of me was pulling me to this yoga class. So I went, without her and the whole class I kept thinking, “what is she talking about, crying. I didn’t cry.” Yeah… then it happened Savasana (corpse pose) and the gong meditation.


The first hit of the gong and the tears began to flow… I didn’t understand why at the time.  I didn’t realize my body needed to release all this old energy and emotions inside.




This was the day I dove in and started to learn about kundalini and went to at least one if not 2 classes a week.


I became introduced to affirmations, mantras, the power of your mind.


I learned how to meditate.


I discovered the power of gratitude.




Over the next 3 years, I completely shifted my WHOLE LIFE.


I quit my job and moved to the beach.


I started a business with a network marketing company.


I dove further into my spiritual gifts and abilities.


I quit teaching in a traditional classroom.  


I started my whole business.

As the layers fall off of me, I dive deeper into my own inner work.


Each dive deeper, brings me closer to my soul.





I am a visionary speaker, professor of possibilities, writer, and mystic on a mission to show visionary women & women entrepreneurs what's possible when they connect to their essence and live in their purpose.


I’m not your average spiritual teacher.  

I'm not all rainbows and unicorns. 


I’ve been told my energy work is on crack.


In the past 5 years, I took a leap of faith by quitting my teaching job and moving to the beach with nothing lined up.  I have grown, evolved, ridden the rollercoaster of life while being divinely guided, battled with trusting the process, yet did it anyway by taking daily inspired action and doing the inner work to shift my own shit.

It brings me pure joy being apart of your journey. To teach you what is possible, to watch you grow, to see you get out of your head, to have you realize how fucking powerful you really are, to witness the breakthroughs and shift, to see you succeed and have the things you desire come to fruition.  

I tell it like it is. I keep it real. I deliver from my heart and soul. I hold the space for you.


I know we are all meant for more. I know this is an AF universe with endless possibilities for each and every one of us.


I know you are powerful and magical AF and its time for you to not only see it but believe it.


I am over the societal “brainwashing”.  


If this is speaking to your soul, then let’s leap, I've got your hand.


 Let’s do the damn thing… together.


Pinpoint Your Patterns. Clear Out Your Conditioning. Connect With Your Soul.

with Michelle Burke


This course isn’t like other courses.


It’s full of empowering content which I have used to shift my own shit.


I’m giving you the meditations, journal prompts, affirmations, mantra, exercises, clearings and modules.


This course is intense AF.  


8 weeks. 4 modules. Weekly guided inner work for you do daily.


This is all about the inner work. We’re going deep.


Calling you out on your own shit.  


Embracing your shadow and other parts of yourself you haven’t been honoring.


Clearing out the emotional baggage, patterns, and conditioning.


Reestablishing your boundaries.


It’s going to be uncomfortable at times.


You will scream. You will cry.


You will connect. You will shift.

The work you're doing on your own along with the work we do together is going to...

unleash the magical, powerful AF woman that you are.  

Deep, thorough, magical, fulfilling, eye opening, powerful, connected!


Michelle works MAGIC in your life instantly! She's very thorough and powerful. You can tell how deeply connected she is.


She'll tell you how it is, which is refreshing!  I just adore all the work we have done together. So many shifts and goodness. My life is forever changed! 

Stephanie Willis, Massage Therapist

BONUS: Shift the Shit Essential Oil Blend!! I am so excited to share this custom blend to open the mind, enhance spiritual connections, and invite inspiration. This is my gift to you for free.

*** Sent to the first 20 people who select a Pay in Full option upon enrolling. ***

8 Weeks of Guided Inner Work. These are the actual journal prompts, meditations, mantras, affirmations, clearings, and  exercises, I used to pinpoint my pattern, clear out my conditioning, up my vibration, shift my own shit and connect with my soul.

2 Recorded Training Modules. Pre-recorded for you. While holding the space for you to grow and expand we will boldly uncover the reasons behind your patterns, deep dive into your conditioning and how it's affecting you, unapologetically set your energetic boundaries, and shift you into a higher vibration and state of mind. 


2 Live Training Module. Join me live where I will share what I have learned in the past year, parts of my journey, which I haven't shared with anyone, and how I went from feeling like a hopeless, powerless victim to reclaiming my power. The live trainings will also include root clearings, channeled wisdom, and build on each other and the weekly inner work. 


Facebook Group. This a sacred transformative space where your weekly guided inner work will be delivered here. This space is also for you to ask questions, share your transformation process, support, empower, and encourage each other.

PLUS: A Playdate With Your Inner Child.  During this live call, we're going connect with your inner child, honor her, nurture her, listen to her, play with her, heal her, let her know she's loved, safe, and that she's in good hands.  This is invaluable. 


BONUS 1: Lack Mentality Makeover - A 2 hr class designed to give you plan for prospersity. 

BONUS 2: Set Sail With Your Soul E-book - This e-book is one of the first things I ever created in my business. It's full of resources to guide you on your journey. 


Michelle clears all of the blocks that have been holding you back to make your dreams a reality.


Michelle is kind, patient, caring and loving and her passion for her craft shines through when you talk to her.


This is powerful stuff and I can't say enough amazing things about Michelle 


Claudia Torres, Animal Communicator

PINPOINT YOUR PATTERNS: Getting real with yourself. Tapping into your programming, conditioning, patterns, habits, and limiting beliefs. Uncovering why you do things the way you do.


GET CLEAR AF: Clearing out your emotional baggage. Reprogramming your brain. Setting your boundaries. Shifting and elevating what you are available to receive.


CONNECT WITH YOUR SOUL: Rebirthing yourself. Acknowledging things about yourself you’ve been ignoring. Deciding what you desire to have. Falling in love with yourself and your life. Tapping into all which is possible for you.

BONUS: The vibrational frequency of joy!  It's one thing to go through the motions of life, it’s another to fully experience them with an open heart full of love and joy, no matter what it is you’re doing. Joy is your birthright and is BASED on your inner guidance and alignment.

I have so much love and gratitude for Michelle and her gifts. I know she was brought into my life to help change my story.


And wow did she ever!


I can't thank her enough for all that she has given me. I can actually say I love myself and where my life is headed."


 Glenda Maidment, Soul Coach & Psychic Medium

Each week you will receive a mix of journal prompts, guided meditations, affirmations, tapping prompts, and clearings.


We start Monday, May 6th


The first module will be delivered on Thursday, May 9th.

I will be available throughout the whole course for questions in our FB group.

You will have an implementation week to catch up before the next module.


The entire length of the course is 8 weeks including implementation weeks. Feel free to utilize the resources and modules at your own pace.

You have all content for life or until FB go aways.





Q: There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. What if I don’t have time to take the course now?

A: A module will be delivered every other week; however, you can start when you want. This content is yours and isn’t going anywhere. So you can take this course at your own pace or at the pace of the course.


Q: What can I expect from this course?

A:  Mindset shifts. Meditations. Lots of energy work. A better connection with self. Paradigm Shifts.  An sacred energetic container designed for growth and healing. Transformational content. Journal prompts and guided inner work delivered weekly.


Q: Are you offering a payment plan?


A: OF COURSE!  You will find the payment options at the bottom of this page.


Q: Can you guarantee specific results?


A: This is a brand new course which I believe deeply in as these are the EXACT things I’ve been done and continue to do to shift my mindset, clear my emotional baggage, and transform my life. The testimonials on this page are from real live people who have worked with me through my various courses, did the work, and got incredible results. My attorney, wants you to know: I don't guarantee or warrant results.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: All courses are non-refundable. If for some reason you’re not satisfied a credit may be given in the full amount of any payments received and NOT USED which may be applied to any other service or offering of your choosing within 12 months of the date of purchase.

Q: I am overthinking it and going back and forth about whether or not this is for me. Should I enroll in Shift your Shit?

A: I will never tell someone they have to take one of my courses, that just isn’t my style. I recommend you get quiet, close your eyes, and ask if this course is your highest and best interest. Then listen for the answer and trust it. Your soul knows if this what you need at the moment.


More Questions?! email

Your soul already knows.

Listen to it. 

Trust it. 

I have a feeling you're going to hit the button  








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