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Michelle is a former middle school science teacher who realized teaching to the test was crushing her soul. She always told her students to follow their passion, which is exactly what she did. Michelle left education and brought her passion of science, the metaphysical, teaching, mindset, and energy work together to start her own business as a mentor and guide who shows visionary women and spiritual entrepreneurs  how to discover the magic in their mess. She shows them how they can shift their patterns, change their habits and let go of all which no longer serves them to allow them to grow, expand, transform and connect with their true essence.


As the Professor of Possibilities, it is her mission and passion to help you to see what’s possible when you let go of your programming, and conditioning, stop listening to the outside noise of your ego and society, and start connecting with your true self.

She has been through the trenches and back and understands the energetic power of belief and determination, which is why she brings a unique perspective. She learned to trust and embrace her own magic, which led her to become the person she was meant to be and where she is today.  

It is with laughter, love, and help from spirit that Michelle takes us through the struggles she has endured that many of us will identify with. Even more astonishingly, how she walked away from security and everyone's expectations of her and dug deep to identify the patterns, habits, and baggage that were holding her back and how she transformed her life even amongst the naysayers.


Even though it’s scary at times, she is not afraid to take risks, follow her dreams, and live life for herself, and she teaches you to do the same.








Meet Michelle


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