I chose these two guided meditations and set of journaling prompts specifically because they will help you with different areas of your life. You can start where ever your soul is guiding you, there is no specific order.


Be sure to read the descriptions for each meditation, because I let you know when and where it’s best to listen to them.

You may find that one meditation in particular really resonates with you right now and that you want to listen to it every day for a while. Or you might like to mix and match them. It’s up to you! The same goes with the journaling prompts. What’s important is that you dedicate time to yourself for inner work.  This choice will change your life.

Here is a little info on each meditation…

Surrender to the Sea ~ This meditation was recorded while at an energy portal on the jetty. It is powerful AF, as you can feel the ocean washing away all that no longer serves you. This meditation is best done sitting comfortably and is a little over 9 and half minutes. 

Here is a little info on each journal prompts…

Your Relationship with Money ~ These ten journaling prompts are designed for you to take a closer look at your relationship with money. You can do them all in one sitting or spread them out over the course of 10 days. 

An Attitude of Gratitude ~ This meditation is all about gratitude. Yet, it's not only about expressing gratitude for the good things in life, but the shit as well. I recorded this at the beach too, in a different location than Surrender to Sea thoug, so you might be able to hear the ocean in the backgroud. This meditation is best done with a journal handy, you can journal afterwards. It's a little over 10 and half minutes. 


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