Magical Mavens

A two-month experience of magic and creation!

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Join me for an Experience of Magic and Creation!


Your experience will include:


Tools and resources for you to create a daily routine aligned with your intentions, spiritual practice and your energy.


Moon magic rituals to help you enhance your creation powers.



Journaling, meditations, self-energy work, intention setting, stepping into congruency, rituals, routines, nutrition, exercise, and much much more. 



No fluff. No BS. No Judgement.


A sacred creation vessel for you to access daily content to master the art of your souls magic.



$99 One Time Investment - Lifetime Access


The experience begins Feb. 4th


Healing, change, freedom, love, support


 Stephanie Willis

Love, joy, clarity, openness, honesty, trustworthy. accountability, amazing energy. a feeling of knowing that you are really worthy of who you are and your wants and dreams...cracking your true self open, shedding and releasing...learning to love all parts of yourself ~ Glenda Maidment

Clarity,  emotional strength,  harmony within


Nancy Stalboerger

Enlightenment and freedom - Deb Nelson

Real words of what people have experienced in working with me

Your daily content will be delivered by

me and several guest speakers. 

Bonus Week 

Meet Michelle

Michelle is a former middle school science teacher who realized teaching to the test was crushing her soul. She always told her students to follow their passion, which is exactly what she did. Michelle left education and brought her passion for science, the metaphysical, and helping other together to become a Soul Speaker, Spiritual Mentor, and Soul Alchemist who shows women how to discover the magic which lies within their messes and themselves allowing them to connect with their true essence.


With laughter, love, and help from spirit,  she reveals how to combine the scientific and spiritual aspects of mindset to overcome your obstacles by channeling your inner power allowing you to transform your life. Under the guidance of Spirit, Michelle provides her audience with tools and resources they can begin implementing right away.


Intuitive since birth, Michelle has been providing insight for decades to those at crossroads. She has helped guide professionals at all levels, from lawyers to CEOs, small-business owners to stay at home moms, as well as those recovering from addiction.  Five years ago, Michelle made her dream of living at the beach a reality where she is currently writing her first book








Meet Michelle


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